Licensed, Insured, & Bonded


...I can't wait till next year's vacation comes and I don't have to deal with the stress and worry of leaving the animals...

Garrett & Lorretta [Marshall, VA]

...With Carol, Gigante gets to walk, play, and enjoy the benefits of Carol's companionship. He is much happier with Carol's friendly touch!

John [Winchester, VA]

It's nice to know that we can call on Carol to care for our dog when we can't & be assured that Gracie will be treated as good (or better) as we would...

Robyn C [Winchester, VA]

...I am confident they are receiving the best of care with Carol.

Dr. S [Stephens City, VA]

...I highly recommend this service to everyone with a pet. You can go and relax.

Cindy M [Berryville, VA]

...Thanks to Carol, I finally went on my first vacation. Thank you Carol.

Jamie S [Slanesville, WV]

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