Licensed, Insured, & Bonded

Mission Statement

Carol Friends and patrons, it is with a heavy heart....that I tell you that I've lost my companion Teddy. He passed away on Thursday Oct 27th 2005. He will be missed
My goal is to coordinate the care and well being of your beloved pets to the best of my ability, so that you feel confident and unconcerned in your absence. Using your home and daily routine together, with my unconditional love for your animals, stress for both you and your pets is reduced. Your pet continues its same routine and diet. There is no exposure to other pets. Therefore, the exposure to parasites and disease is nil. Safety and security of pets own environment is maintained. Exercise and quality time is spent with your pet. Your pet does not suffer from travel, boarding facilities, confinement, confusion, home sickness or gastronomical problems. For your convenience, pet taxi service provided to prevent time off from work. Other benefits of service are your home appears to be lived in; a security check of home to be sure everything is in order; mail and newspapers are collected; plants are watered; house lights are alternated - T.V, radio on/off. Thus, crime is deterred.


  • Competent, compassionate and complete care for your pet with their specific needs in mind.
  • Care provided on the following basis: daily, working late, vacation/travel, business and emergencies. I will coordinate in the most convenient manner, keeping in mind individual care for the pet.
  • Love, attention and affection for the pet.
  • Feed and water as close to the pets specified time as possible.
  • Exercise, playtime, and walks.
  • Waste pick-up on all walks.
  • Transportation to vet/grooming appointments.
  • Medications given if needed.
  • Special needs administered.
  • Mail and newspapers retrieved and taken inside your home.
  • Plants and flowers watered upon request.
  • Lights alternated on/off.
  • T.V and radio alternated on/off. To provide pet companionship and deterrent to crime.
  • Home security checks.


  • Pet Sitters Associates, LLC
  • Animal Assisted Therapy, Winchester Medical Center, Winchester, Va.
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