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July 2004, I retired from American Airlines after 37 years of service as a flight attendant working as a purser in both the domestic and international capacity.

Since retiring, I'm pursuing one of my dreams -- Thus, Carol's Creature Care was created.

All of my life, I've loved animals, owning many. The ones that came to me that I could not keep, I adopted to other responsible owners. I've enjoyed training my dogs in obedience and agility, participating with the Capital Dog Training Club of Washington, D.C., Fairfax County Recreation, and the Blue Ridge Kennel Club. My border collie Teddy & I are active members and volunteers with Animal Assisted Therapy, Winchester Medical Center, Winchester, Va. I am Teddy's trainer.

I've owned and run a farm in Frederick County, Va. since 1989. Another passion in my life is caring for my horses. Of course, riding and training of the equine is fulfilling and challenging. I have trained horses and dogs using the Tellington T Touch method.

Many felines have graced my life. I've often thought about putting a "Friendly Paw" sign on my property although cats seem to find their way here anyway.

Throughout the years, I've made time for volunteering in the community for organizations that call out to my heart.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'll look forward to meeting you.

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