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About the Owner, "Carol"

To know me is to know my pets.

"Molly" - I'm a ten year old, rescue, Black Lab. My master rescued me from a closed trailer in mid August of 1994. I was penned inside this trailer for two weeks with six cats. I had no food or water. Now I live happily on my farm with two canine, five feline and two equine companions.

"Pearl" - I'm a ten year old Border Collie. My master was a flight attendant who has finally retired after 37 years. When she was working and traveling, she depended on other dependable care givers to make sure my fellow creature companions and I were well cared for. I have to be given medication twice a day, so good care is very important, believe me.

"Teddy" - I'm a ten year old Border Collie. My master and I are a dedicated and practicing Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteer team at Winchester Medical Center, Winchester, VA. We are very proud to have received our 500 hour service recognition pin in April 2004, after five years of volunteer service at Winchester Medical Center. We also go out into the Winchester Community to represent A.A.T. for different events.

"Smokey" - I'm a senior feline. I was dropped of at my current masters doorstep, with my collar around my neck. It had my name on it, "Smokey"and my phone number. That particular person denied ever knowing me.

"Simon" - I'm a stray that just happened to luck out.

"Gabriel" - My adoption was on the up and up. One thing my previous owner failed to mention, I was going to have kittens in about a month.

"Rayne" - I'm Gabby's offspring. Life is good.

"Magic" - I'm Gabby's offspring also. My sisters, Serenity and Pandora, were adopted to wonderful homes after they received their immunizations. My master wanted to make sure they had a healthy start.

"My Boy Chic" - I'm a 26 year old Thoroughbred Gelding. I've spent 21 years with my master. Superb care is the key to optimum health and a long life. I've had other equine companions during my life and my masters care. They were Whispers Gently, a 26 year old Thoroughbred Brood Mare; Bold Comment, a 31 year old Thoroughbred Gelding; and Fancy Free, a 23 year old Connemara Pony.

"Lincoln" - I'm a 46 year old Thoroughbred Gelding. I now live in Marshall, VA, with Carol's niece Karin.

"Medalla'de Oro" - I'm a Thoroughbred Gelding, foal of Whispers Gently, and half brother to My Boy Chic. I'm the current companion horse to My Boy Chic.

Every animal has a story. I know that yours does too. I'll share in that story when I care for your sweet creatures.

I'll be there with your animals as long as it takes to make your animal happy and fully cared for. Animals need to know that someone is there for them when you are not available.

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